Special Comissioner

Lara Chubaty, Real Estate Special Commissioner Maricopa County

I’m authorized to serve as Special Commissioner for Real Estate for Maricopa County Superior Court. Selling real estate in the context of a divorce or other legal matter is stressful and accompanies major life change. Committed to working in the client’s best interests, I will do my best to make the process as smooth as possible.


What is a Special Commissioner? A Special Commissioner is a real estate agent authorized by the Court to market and sell real estate by court order. A Special Commissioner is often appointed in divorce situations as a neutral third party in matters where parties must sell their property.

How do you hire a Special Commissioner? A Special Commissioner may get involved in one of two ways. The parties may agree on a real estate agent listed on the Court roster to act as Special Commissioner. If the parties are unable to agree, each party submits two names from the roster for the judge to select from.

What if the other party is uncooperative? The parties must cooperate in good faith to complete all of the steps necessary to get the property marketed and sold. The Court may impose sanctions, monetary or otherwise, against those that do not cooperate.

How much will the property sell for?  By court order, the property is to be put on the market in a commercially reasonable matter for market value. The property will be expertly marketed in order to facilitate the sale for the highest price possible.

I’ll be performing brokerage services only and won’t step on any toes. I am an associate broker & REALTOR® focusing on real estate transactions. I won’t interfere with the relationship between lawyer and client. I will not form an attorney-client relationship with the parties, nor will I be performing legal services. I will always defer to the attorneys’ legal expertise and guidance with respect to their clients’ matter.


If you are currently facing any legal matters or have legal questions, it is strongly recommended that you consult with an attorney immediately. Legal claims may be barred by the passage of time and your rights may be jeopardized or lost if you delay. For your information, you may contact the Arizona State Bar Association http://www.azbar.org/ to find an attorney.