• Methods that used to be effective in selling homes in the Valley are no longer adequate in today’s market. Merely having Sunday open houses, newspaper ads, and MLS listings will not attract the maximum exposure and presence necessary to sell your property.
  • I will work aggressively to market your house in such a way that it draws the highest price in the least amount of time possible.
  • I will employ exquisite home staging to ensure that your property invites and entices prospective buyers.
  • My keen market analysis enables us to market and promote your property in such a way that it stands apart from other comparable homes.
  • I understand that no one knows your home better than you do. Therefore, I welcome your input when we design a comprehensive marketing plan to showcase your home. I will work to integrate your ideas with HomeSmart’s  marketing department.
  • I will feature your property on the Featured Properties section of our website.
  • I will create and distribute dynamic marketing materials, which may include newspaper ads, magazine ads, direct mail, email flyers, special promotions, and various other materials.
  • I am available and committed. I respond to any inquiries rapidly, in at most a few hours.
  • I am always informed about whatever showings your property gets, as we utilize a Board-approved lockbox that enables us to monitor all activity.


Top 5 Reasons for sellers to use us


Aggressive marketing for maximum exposure is key to getting the job done and this is something we ensure to every seller.


We focus on every aspect of marketing possible. Print, digital and in person, we don’t rely on just one form of advertisement.


We study the analytic so know where to place emphasis and when to re-strategize.


Our job is never done, we are available via phone or email and provide a quick response rate.


We only use the best. To monitor your homes showings we use Board-approved lock boxes so we always stay informed.

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