Seller representation for Probate, Trust and Conservatorship sales

I am a real estate attorney, REALTOR® and Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist here in the Valley. I am also a Real Estate Special Commissioner for Maricopa County. With my experience and certifications, property owners, heirs and personal representatives can be confident that their real estate is in good hands. I will market the property using state-of-the-art technology proven techniques to get the best price in the least amount of time.Probate seal

Trust Property 

The trust documents will name the trustees and successor trustees who have the authority to sell trust property. The property is listed for sale & the transaction is expertly marketed using technology & other strategies to get dollar.

Court Involvement In some instances, probate and other estate sales may need court supervision and approval. If the property has not been designated to pass by operation of law through a trust, joint tenancy, community property or payable on death designation, then court filing may be required. This court process may be formal or informal, depending on the circumstances

Court Process 

 My experience in law and real estate enable me to understand the intricacies of complex transactions like probate and other court-supervised dispositions. Although I will not be acting as your attorney and will not be providing legal services, I will help you understand the process and help answer any questions along the way. I am able to prepare prospective buyers with what they can expect from the process so that they feel comfortable making an offer on the home. I can also help you feel at ease with the process & help answer any questions along the way. Once we have an offer on the property, I will be able to guide buyers and manage their expectations with regard to a transaction that may have special requirements due to the court process.

If you are currently facing any legal matters or have legal questions, it is strongly recommended that you consult with an attorney immediately. Legal claims may be barred by the passage of time. This recommendation is intended to ensure that your rights will not be jeopardized or lost. There are many different statutes of limitations that impose time deadlines on the commencement of lawsuits. Failure to meet such deadlines might result in your inability to pursue your rights with regard to the matter. For your information, you may contact the Arizona State Bar Association to find a attorney.


Top 5 Reasons to use us for probate


You are not only working with a successful Realtor but you are also working with a Certified Probate real Estate Specialist


As an attorney I will provide with accurate legal advice and answer any questions you might have.


We provide marketing with extensive state of the art technologies that are proven to increase profitability why decreasing time on market.


Open lines of communication is the standard. With quick response times you will never feel alone in the process.


Attention to even the smallest details will never be over looked.

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